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About Farewell To Kings

FAREWELL TO KINGS is a horse racing blog written by Darrell Lerner. Farewell to Kings horse blog provides fresh insight and commentary on horse racing, handicapping, and the national thoroughbred racing scene.

Darrell is a:
* Thoroughbred horse racing fan
* Handicapper
* NHC qualifier (4X)
* Race horse owner

I’m very analytical and a numbers guy.  I incorporate everything from pace to trips to trainer patterns into my handicapping, but I’m a speed handicapper at heart – reading Andy Beyer’s “Picking Winners” at age 13 and constructing my own figures when I was 14.

In my “other” life I am the Co-Founder of an internet company that is a leading provider of online dating applications for social networking websites.  We ‘re one of the biggest developers on the Facebook Platform (Our biggest application has been a top dating app on Facebook since 2007) and we also have a stand-alone online dating website & iPhone app.   I am also a diehard Rush fan (see below)…

Where does the name “Farewell to Kings” come from?

Horse Racing is supposed to be the sport of kings – but it certainly doesn’t appear that way anymore. Attendance and popularity are down. Drugs and “move-up” trainers dominate many circuits. Top horses barely run anymore – and when they do they often take the path of least resistance and avoid competition wherever possible. Campaigns are abbreviated, injuries are increasing, and the switch to polytrack was incredibly shortsighted and has ruined several circuits. Too many tracks and too few healthy horses.  Is there still hope for the Sport of Kings or have we passed the point of no return?  Is this a Farewell to Kings?

When they turn the pages of history
When these days have passed long ago.
Will they read of us with sadness.
For the seeds that we let grow?

– Neil Peart (Rush)
“A Farewell to Kings”


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Farewell to Kings is horse blog focusing on horse racing, handicapping, and owning a race horse.

Farewell To Kings Horse Racing Blog

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    You’ve got great insights about horseracing, keep up the good work!

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